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We are not your typical, everyday business & IT consultants.

We are passionate about ensuring the success of all projects we are involved in and ensuring each is appropriate for the organisation, its customers and employees.

gsquare team

square | skweə 

Derived from the old French word ‘esquarre’ being a reference to honest and fair. gsquare prides itself on its honesty and straightforwardness. ‘Square Deals’ create outcomes that are fair and equitable to all – our customers, vendors, their partners and us. 


We provide strategic advice, support, planning, and services that are required to achieve long-term success. 

gsquare is built on trust. Trust in the ability of our people, trust in our vendor independence, and trust that our customers can be assured of.

Our focus is to help businesses grow and flourish through implementing technology well. We are not your typical, ordinary business/IT consultancy, we are passionate about ensuring the success of all projects we are involved in and ensuring each is appropriate for the organisation, its customers and employees. 


We have a presence in Western Australia and Victoria; and

being a boutique consultancy, we are adaptive to our client's needs without compromising the necessary governance in delivering large and complex IT solutions.


We have an in-depth knowledge of each resource we bring to the table. This allows us to underwrite a business outcome and help clients achieve their ambitions. 


We see ourselves as a trusted client partner who, through our years of expertise, ensure technology, business processes, and user capabilities are aligned and support organisational goals over the long term.


The values that make gsquare unique. 

We stand behind our work, as a partner it’s not only our role to provide exceptional service but we must do so with the utmost integrity and transparency to gain trust and confidence.

We value critical and creative thinking. Delivering large and complex business improvement using technology requires innovative minds. Every problem has an optimal solution, and we take pride in finding it.  

We strive to be a high-functioning and collaborative team, where no one is above any task, and every opinion from any team member is valued and considered.

We are passionate about delivering modern, effective, and fit-for-purpose business improvement to every client, no matter their size or industry.



We have deep expertise across capital intensive & asset management industries.

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Olaf Goy


  • LinkedIn

Olaf brings expertise in business IT strategy, program management, process improvement, IT operations, outsourcing and ERP.


Olaf has a passion for business improvement through the use of technology and has successfully overseen many complex system upgrades.


He has considerable experience in design, implementation and support of large and complex IT solutions.


Olaf is a highly motivated professional and accomplished at project managing critical IT programs.


His career has seen him take up roles in Europe, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Middle east, South Africa and Panama.

Daryl (enh).jpeg

Daryl Ellis


  • LinkedIn

Daryl has had an extensive and successful career within the resource industry, internationally and within Australia, combining his broad commercial expertise along with his passion for building high performance organisational teams and cultures within diverse and changing environments.


A strong history of advising stakeholders and management bodies on Financial, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Information Technology and Operational Improvement strategies. His career has seen him take up Snr executive roles in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Panama and Canada.


Highly effective communicator, leader and business partner able to build consensus across entire organisations.


Daryl has considerable experience in the design and implementation of large and complex ERP’s for construction and operational settings within the resources and engineering/asset services sectors.


Michael Smith


  • LinkedIn

Michael is a deep thinker. He is interested in how people and technology interact, and how businesses can lever digital advances to make significant improvements in process and decision making.


He has involved himself in all elements of project delivery in both the service and asset management and large capital works industries.


Having worked in a number of Senior Management and operational roles across the Asia Pacific region, Michael brings expertise in connecting business requirements to the solution design of any chosen technologies.


Michael has considerable experience in the design, implementation and support of large and complex IT solutions, and prides himself on being able to communicate effectively from the Board through to the shop floor. He is highly motivated to delivering desired business outcomes and not just implementing software.


Jimmy Shi


  • LinkedIn

Jimmy has over 20 years of SAP consulting experience within Australia and internationally, providing technology driven reengineering services to clients across Manufacturing, Asset Services, Engineering, Construction and FMCG Businesses.


His deep technical and broad functional knowledge of SAP combined with his deep understanding of business processes provides clients with a resource of unparalleled value, leading to him being frequently referred to as the SAP doctor by clients.

Dan Bronkhorst.jpeg

Daniel Bronkhorst


  • LinkedIn

Dan has over 20 years’ experience in the ICT Professional and Managed Services sector, where he has fulfilled numerous roles including project and program management, designing and implementing large Managed Services contracts, establishing enterprise Project Management Offices as well as driving transformational change programs, while fulfilling senior management roles.


Dan has extensive experience in working with large, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, in various geographies including Africa, Europe, North America and Australia. Dan was the global PMO Manager for Dimension Data’s ‘DDWay’, a global Organisational Change Management program spanning 12 months and 6 Continents. This is where he has developed a passion for Organisational Change Management.


Georgie Cooke


  • LinkedIn

Certified in Change Management and a member of the IIBA, Georgie thrives at the intersection of people, process, and technology. Georgie has supported business sytems implementations varying capacities with local government, private and public enterprise.

Born curious, Georgie has managed to build a career out of asking questions and helping people to find the answers. Her passion in these pursuits is clear on every engagement. She has a high attention to detail and commitment to facilitating quality outcomes for clients.

Georgie is innately driven by understanding how things work, which makes her an asset at all stages through the project lifecycle.

Above all else, Georgie is a people person with a flair for building great relationships and stakeholder engagement across the entire enterprise.


Hillary Harrison-Graeme


  • LinkedIn

An accomplished and energetic Business Systems professional Hillary’s goal and passion is to infuse technological solutions to business-related problems.  

With over 10 years of experience within both, the local government and private sector, Hillary understands our clients requirements intrinsically and delivers value across functional and solution architecture requirements.

Hillary has built a reputation for being a major asset to the implementation teams she has been involved with, and we believe this is centred on her ability to engage, her commitment to delivering outcomes and an eye for process improvement and problem solving. 


Nadia Lipari


  • LinkedIn

Nadia is a passionate leader who is as comfortable developing strategy at the highest levels of an organisation as delivering practical solutions for its people. Strategically talented, yet delivery focused.


A combination of skills that has seen numerous organisations benefit over the course of more than 18 years. Able to quickly understand a new landscape or see through a problem and rapidly develop strategies and solutions.


Importantly, Nadine also has a talent for building relationships and influencing outcomes, ensuring the success of these strategies and solutions.

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